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7 Benefits of walking in the rain

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Perhaps an inconspicuous teacher, rain is one whose steady downward pressure challenges us to approach the day a bit differently than initially intended, while at the same time offering unexpected mental and physical benefits. We know that we can’t always wait for the storm to pass, so why not learn to enjoy it?


At Rockholly, we have an unabashed love for the rain, and we are firm believers that given the opportunity, we should embrace these rainy days. While pleasure can indeed be triggered by bright, balmy weather, we argue that there are a host of benefits to walking in the rain. And with the rainfall in the UK averaging 157 days out of the year, all you need are some wellies and a reliable rain jacket to make the most of these days.


Here are 7 ways to look at rain differently.




Rain teaches us acceptance


Rain, in a way, is usefully indifferent to our concerns. It doesn’t care that we’ve had a lousy morning and we are already running late. It doesn’t care that it’s been present for the last eleven days; it isn’t keeping count. It doesn’t care that we have spent the last two months planning our 5-year-old’s outdoor birthday party.


It’s easy to let ourselves fall into a grumpy mood, cursing our luck, feeling that mother nature, and the rest of humanity for that matter, is nothing but against us. Especially when the prior day’s forecast initially predicted its sunny counterpart. But rain teaches us a sense of acceptance – to let go of daily expectations, perfection, and even our best-laid plans.



Rain is a release from everyday pressures


There is a lot of pressure that comes with a sunny day. We must enjoy it! Take advantage of it! There’s always so much to get accomplished! It is exhausting being ‘on’ all the time. Somehow, rain manages to release us of our daily pressures and instill a sense of calm.


Imagine your eyelids fluttering open, the morning light, greyer than usual, making its way into your room. There’s a soft tap, tap, tap of rain on the roof. When the rain falls softly on our ordinarily heedless world, it gives us a chance to slow, to ease into our day, to just think.



Creativity flows


There’s a reason as to why our best thoughts come to us in the shower. We’re not meant to be thinking and, therefore, we can actually think freely and courageously. We’ve become accustomed to believing that our best creative thoughts only arise when we are sitting at large desks, in a spacious office, with natural light pouring in. But perhaps our best ideas come when we take a walk in the rain, when there isn’t much else to be doing or focusing our attention on.



The air is fresher


In a study conducted by MIT, scientists found that air during rainfall is scientifically proven to be cleaner and fresher than during dry periods. This is because as raindrops fall through the atmosphere, they attract hundreds or particles of pollutants before hitting the ground. These captured particles include dander, bacteria, soot, and sulfates which can typically cause allergic reactions, irritation, or even a weakened immune system.


When walking, take a deep breath and notice how invigorating the air feels during rainfall.



The aroma of petrichor


Speaking of fresh air, many people may be particularly akin to the pleasant, earthy aroma of the atmosphere after rainfall. Petrichor is the sweet, earthy aroma produced when rain falls on dry soil. Coined by two scientists in 1964, its name is Greek in origin, petra meaning “stone,” and īchōr, meaning “fluid that flows in the veins of the Greek gods”. Next time it rains, take a moment to breathe in and notice this enticing scent. There is a reason perfumers have been chasing this scent for years!





Rain offers a boost to your skin routine


Spend any time in a hot, arid climate, and your skin will most certainly show signs of irritation or dryness over time. But when it rains, some researchers believe that high levels of humidity in the air help keep your skin fresh, young and supple. (Frizzy hair though, that is another story!)




More rain, fewer crowds


There are places that seem particularly designed to shatter your inner peace – cramped beige offices with few windows, overcrowded trains, and anywhere with a long queue. If you are someone who revels in a bit of solitude, look for a nearby walking trail when it rains. Odds are, you’ll have the trail to yourself and some headspace. Like almost everything in life, walking in the rain is part state of mind, and part dressing appropriately. Remember that when you slip on your Rockholly rain jacket, it is 100% waterproof and breathable, not just “showerproof.” It’ll keep you both warm and dry, helping you appreciate the weather.


Join us, and let the watery drops wash away the expectations of the day. Afterwards, return home and reward yourself with a hot fire, cosy socks, and a warm cuppa.




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