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Becoming Stewards of the Environment

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Sometimes it’s the gentle cloud cover that we draw comfort from. Or perhaps it is the thousands of cool, tiny water drops spraying from the ocean, melting onto our warm skin, that make us feel rooted in the moment. Sometimes the solitude of an early morning walk suits us, giving our busy mind territory to roam freely, the warm sun rising with a quiet promise of the day ahead. Other times the landscapes strengthen our bonds with a stroll along the seaside with our partners, our children, and our friends. With its booms, splashes, and rumbles, the sea is seemingly endless.


But unfortunately, we know that not everything is endless and that the long-term health of the planet needs to be carefully and thoughtfully tended to. With the increase of plastics in our seas, landfills reaching capacity, and our carbon footprint growing, we risk a future where we no longer have these wild places that continue to inspire us.



Fortunately, the more we get outside, the more we become stewards of the environment with a mission to protect it. Yet sustainable changes can start at home, even before we pull on our rain jacket and lace up our shoes. Below are some simple ways we can all support that mission.


01 Think beyond the canvas shopping bag

While it is great to switch to canvas bags instead of plastic shopping bags, it is important to eliminate all single-use plastics from our lives. This includes plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic cutlery and any products containing microplastics, such as glitter and exfoliators. Swap out for reusable cutlery, reusable glass containers, and consider investing in bee’s wrap as an alternative to plastic, wax paper, or aluminum foil.


02 Hop on a bicycle or consider walking

When we swap out our normal transportation for a more eco-conscious choice, not only are we decreasing our impact but by doing so, we make our world a bit smaller. We notice things that have long gone undiscovered as we zoomed by in our cars, better rooting us to our community. If it isn’t feasible to not have a car, consider carpooling or combining all your errands into a single trip.


03 Think local

Purchasing from your local farmer is an easy way to help the environment and also eat healthily. This practice reduces the carbon footprint that produce takes to get to your plate, also known as “food miles”. In addition, when we purchase more mindfully, we reduce the amount of food waste and the impact it has on our environment.



04 Volunteer (with the children!)

Volunteering is a great way to bring environmental awareness to our community and beyond. We want the environment protected for future generations, so why not get the little ones involved? There is a budding activist within each child. Start a community garden, partake in a march, or have the microactivists start a fun challenge of who can collect the most litter on trails and coastlines.


05 Materials Matter

Adopt a slow fashion approach, which is a deliberate choice to purchase better-quality items less often, as well as choosing brands that design with environmental and ethical choices in mind.


At Rockholly, we’ve done our part by creating an eco-conscious rain jacket, with a waterproof finish that allows us to enjoy the environment without compromising it.  With our rain jackets, there are no PFC chemicals that are often used as waterproof and water-resistant finishes in other outdoor brands.  These are known to be extremely hazardous and harmful to the environment.  We’ve also chosen to use packaging that is 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced.


We know these are small steps, but we also know every little decision that we make adds up. Whether we are newly introduced to the outdoors or are seasoned enthusiasts, we all have a special role to fill. Connect yourself to the land – wherever you are. By engaging in our communities, we share a collective responsibility to protect what is important.


Together, we can create a life well lived in the outdoors, not only now but for many generations to come.

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  • Kelsey Modlich: May 23, 2018

    Beautifully written and informative! I love the idea of getting children involved.

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