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A Stylish Women's Waterproof Jacket - The Holy Grail?

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Transitional Short (Olive)I spent a lot of time before creating Rockholly researching exactly what women wanted when shopping for the perfect waterproof coat.

I listened and spoke to women in Facebook groups, friends and family, outdoor lovers, dog walkers, commuters, and fellow mums on the school run. I noticed that the same statements were being made over and over again. Most women said they wanted the following:

  • 'Something stylish, I don’t always want to look like I am off to climb a mountain. I want to be able to wear my jacket for the school run/commute as well as weekends.'
  • 'A longer length, that covers my bum!'
  • 'A jacket that is fully waterproof and breathable, showerproof just doesn’t cut it!'
  • 'Big pockets, to stack away all other essentials (lipsticks, keys, dummies, hairbands, kids ‘snacks’……)'
  • 'A hood that works and actually stays up in the wind.'

I have used all of this feedback to inform the design of my first jackets, but feel free to get in touch with any features you think I may have missed. I love feedback and will try and build it into my future ranges. Contact me at


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