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Mindful Packing: A Guide to Packing Light

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Whether you are being drawn to the vibrancy of the city or the serenity of the countryside, it is just as important to enjoy the journey along the way. But it is hard to be in the moment when our backs are aching from carrying too much stuff. With the proper frame of mind, holidays have the potential to bring us respite, renewal, and a fresh perspective. Yet, mindfulness starts before we even leave our homes to hop on an airplane or pile into a car with dear friends.



Below we’ve shared the many benefits of being mindful when packing and our top packing advice, so we can all savor our time away.

The Benefits to Packing Light


  • The lighter your luggage, the less physical strain it is on your body.
  • Getting ready takes little effort and time.
  • When you are responsible for keeping track of fewer things, your mind will be at ease. Worry less about if you have misplaced something or if you have left something behind.
  • You will be able to travel more quickly. Challenge yourself to ditch the wheeled luggage for a backpack and be even lighter on your feet.
  • It is the more sustainable option. We believe in the concept of slow fashion, the idea of owning fewer, but higher quality items. This applies to both our closet at home as well as what comes along with us during travel.



Tips for Being A Mindful Packer 


  • Start with a small bag – It is a simple principle, but one that is often overlooked. It is easy to keep adding items you may not need when there is room still left in your bag. See if you can make do with just a backpack. We are all familiar with the debate between rolling and folding clothing for optimizing space. Instead, challenge yourself to learn how to pare down, so you need not be concerned for every square inch of space.


  • Think versatile – Only your most versatile of items should make the cut. Rockholly rain jackets are perfect for walks near the beach or in the forest, but also make a statement when worn in the city. If you cannot foresee yourself using a particular item more than once, leave it at home.


  • Identify your favorites – Pull the clothing that you wear on a daily basis, the ones that are most comfortable and make you feel your best. If there is an item you do not often wear in your daily routine, chances are you are not going to reach for it on holiday either.


  • Pack neutral shades– If the majority of your items are monochromatic or a similar tone, you can quickly mix and match for different outfits. Choose options that you can easily layer too. Scarves add a great pop of color if neutrals are not necessarily your thing, and better yet, they can double as a cover-up for sacred places or as a picnic blanket for impromptu al fresco dining.

Packing light 


  • Always wear your bulkiest items– This includes your jumper and your heaviest shoes. Save your back and your wallet from overage fees.


  • Consider multiuse items– Multiuse items are a great way to free up space. Opt for a shampoo and conditioner combination and a universal travel adapter to avoid bringing multiple charging devices.


  • When in doubt, do not pack it. Remember that you want to see the world, not carry it on your back.


When we are thoughtful about what we pack, getting ready becomes effortless, giving you more time to wander. We are also better able to take in our current surroundings for what they are. Maybe you appreciate the subtle differences between locations. Perhaps we notice how reassuringly quiet our nights are in the countryside, or maybe we learn to appreciate the existence of green space in our cities better. Packing can be an enjoyable part of any journey, and when we approach it thoughtfully, it is easy to delight in wherever our travel may take us.


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