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Stepping Away from Our Desks

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There often comes a time when our ideas stall, our legs become restless, and our eyes grow weary. The screens in front of us start to blur and we begin to question our direction. Yet, it should not spur a sense of disappointment or dejection, but rather, we should treat it as an invitation to take a breath, close our work, and firmly push ourselves back from our desks.


We know, in our humble opinion, that we don’t need to spend eight days trekking through rigorous landscapes or to travel to the opposite side of the world in order to have the confidence and willpower to move mountains.


Sometimes, all we need to do is step outside our four walls to bring forth clarity. We only have to allow nature to work her magic. Rockholly’s women’s waterproof jackets were designed with versatility in mind, to complement our modern lifestyles, whether we are hopping from home to work, city to countryways, or whether we have found a particularly splashy puddle, the little ones in tow. Here’s what we have learned from stepping out.




Leaving our desks behind and carving out time in nature creates room for reflection. Clear skies, green surroundings, distant birdsong, and cool refreshing air allows our minds to relax and wander. Nature is kind that way, sharing her headspace with us. Rare are the moments where quiet reigns supreme and the quieter aspects of our minds are given permission to take the lead. 


Sparking creativity

We know that creativity on demand is the hardest kind of creativity to summon. Some of the best thoughts come to us when we no longer concentrate all our efforts solely on working. The outdoors is a great space to spark creativity - with the complementing colours, contrasting landscapes, and diverse textures, there is no shortage of inspiration.



Sometimes our workspace isn’t a distant office, but one that is based from home, often with small, energetic humans to keep us company. Deliberately setting aside breaks for family outdoor time, we temporarily pause the current tasks at hand and become reminded of who we are connected to. Even 15 minutes can give us a chance to reset, and a child’s outlook of the outdoors often helps renew a sense of wonder within us. When we find ourselves with a lot on our plates, these small moments offer fresh perspective. There’s much to be learned in those muddy afternoons spent together.


Slowing Down

Daily life is a time and place that rarely ever slows down, with nature being the last remaining place to exhibit patience. We move so fast that we often forget how to just be. When we seek moments of stillness outdoors, we are giving ourselves time to set intentions and to recharge - steps that will ultimately help us live in a manner that is more authentic to our true selves. 




Lastly, we have learned that renewal requires intent. We simply cannot work well if all we do is work.  We need to put our restless legs to motion, fill our lungs with fresh air, and we will return with a greater sense of resolve.


With Rockholly’s waterproof jackets, there is no fear in the weather not being ideal when we need to step out for those moments of inspiration and clarity. Even with lashing rains, all we need to do is zip up our rain jackets and pull over our hoods, for nature continues to offer the keen perspective that we all need.









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