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Our fabric

Our waterproof fabrics are sourced from bluesign system approved partners and use solvent- free laminates.  We are also dedicated as a brand to being completely PFC free and are committed to using PFC-free DWR’s on all of our waterproof outerwear. Through independent testing we have ensured our PFC free finishes offer the same high levels of water repellent standards as a traditional DWR, without compromising the environment.


What are PFC chemicals?

PFC chemicals which are routinely used by Outdoor clothing brands, in waterproof and water-resistant finishes and are now known to be extremely hazardous and harmful to the environment.  Studies show they can make their way into our water systems, food chain and potentially cause health problems for people and animals.  There is some evidence they can cause harm to the reproduction system, promote tumour growth and affect hormones. Greenpeace studies have found PFC contamination in locations far from the original source of their release and have documented water, air and dust contamination near PFC manufacturing plants.



We believe sustainability begins with the design of the product. It is our intention to make beautiful, timeless rainwear you will want to hold onto for years.  We believe if a product is of good quality and is designed well, it will stand the test of time. We don’t want to contribute to a throwaway culture and would always encourage people to ‘buy less, but buy better’.


Our packaging

Our box and tissue packaging is 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced and mailing bags are 100% recycled.

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