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Why we are here

Rockholly believes in fusing great design with function. In our small family surroundings by the North Sea, we are here to provide women with outerwear that has contemporary style together with protection from the elements wherever they may be.

We take inspiration from our natural environment channeling the beautiful rural and urban landscapes around us into the fabric of our clothing. Our reason for being is to keep you warm and dry for a long time to come, but we also appreciate the role we have to play in making sure that this doesn’t come at a cost to those people and places that help and inspire us.

Our background

After years of designing for larger outdoor brands, we really wanted to launch something that spoke to women who love being in the outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice their everyday style to stay dry. So we’ve brought technical fabrics to life with more modern and classic designs bridging the gap between style and function. Our outerwear is waterproof and breathable, fully seam sealed and rigorously tested by independent test houses to keep you dry and still looking good throughout the harshest British winters (and summers!).

Being a mum of three young daughters I’d love Rockholly to appeal to style conscious mums and daughters everywhere - women like me who have a love for the outdoors and want modern outerwear that is sustainable, contemporary and timeless - that would be at home in the city, on a trail or even on the school run. I hope in doing so Rockholly encourages you to take time out and reconnect with the outdoors.  I hope you enjoy it.



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